XX Congress of Carpates to be held in Tirana

XX Congress of Carpates to be held in Tirana

The twentieth (XX) Congress of Carpates will be held in Tirana on September 24-26, organized by Carpathian Balkan Geological Association. According to the organizers, the congress will be attended by researchers and scientists from the fields of Geoscience, coming from different European countries.

The Organizing Committee of the XX Congress of Carpates has published the two-day agenda during which, the participating researchers will present their studies and scientific works regarding the values of the groundwater assets in Albania, a well known country rich of copper, nickel, chrome, ect. They will have the possibility to share their studies regarding the field of crude products, for which, many foreign companies has expressed their interest to invest in.

An interesting and important point of this congress relates to the presentation of new technologies used in the researches made in this field. This will help the participants to be notified with the latest developments on this aspect.

This Congress will have the support of the main state institutions, by the Faculty of Geology of the University of Tirana with the aim to organize a successful congress.

News source: ATA

Photo credits: CBGA

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