World Environment Day, Albania Determined to Beat Plastic Pollution

World Environment Day, Albania Determined to Beat Plastic Pollution


June 5 is the World Environment Day and also the day to take action. Starting July, plastic bags will be banned in Albania following the decision that ends the production, import, and sale of single-use bags adopted by the Council of Ministers in early May. A two-month period was given to businesses that need to upgrade technology and to authorities that are conducting an awareness-raising campaign. The decision also foresees fines for those that fail to meet the law after it enters into force.
Minister of Tourism and Environment Blendi Klosi said that the increased cost of single-use bags was intentional with the aim of reducing their use. This also was the answer to business representatives, who were asked to cooperate for the protection of the environment. Klosi also called on citizens to refuse non-degradable bags.
“Citizens should refuse using plastic bags that when are dumped in landfills can stay there for 100 years,” Klosi said.
Moreover, he also added that waste reduction has no high cost if new technologies are used such as in the case of sewage water treatment.
Several activities were organized throughout Albania with a large participation of pupils and high school students who want to teach their peers and Albanian citizens to switch from single-use plastic items to reusable alternatives.
News Source: Scan TV

Photo Credit: mjedisi sot

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