World Bank Approves $80 Mln for Albania

World Bank Approves $80 Mln for Albania

TIRANA, December 14

The World Bank (WB) has approved a loan of $80 million to help Albania strengthen the transparency and sustainability of its public finances and to support key sectoral opportunities for growth, a statement issued on Monday confirms.
“With the twin shocks of the earthquake and COVID-19 shifting attention toward short-term, emergency measures, this operation is designed to help Albania maintain focus on longer-term reforms needed to ensure sustainable business growth and job creation through the strengthening of policies, institutions, and investments,” it said on its statement.
On her part, the World Bank Country Manager for Albania, Maryam Salim said that strengthening policies and institutions for fiscal sustainability and economic development is key for ensuring that Albania can rebound vigorously and rebuild better, as public health restrictions on economic life are gradually lifted.

Source: The World Bank

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