Women Entrepreneurs Run ¼ of Companies in 2018

Women Entrepreneurs Run ¼ of Companies in 2018

TIRANA, December 19

Over 25.7 percent of active enterprises in Albania in 2018 were owned or managed by women, the Institute of Statistics (INSTAT) confirmed on the Statistical Yearbook 2019. Women entrepreneurs run 40,953 out of a total of 162,853 companies of all sizes across Albania.
The data confirm that 24.5 percent of all active enterprises began their activity before 2011.
In terms of region, Tirana has the highest percentage of female entrepreneurs at 41.4 percent. Most companies run by women are small-medium sized enterprises. However, 19.6 percent of big enterprises, with 50 and more employees were managed or owned by women.

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Enterprises by economic activity

In general, producer services prevail in the Albanian economy with 65 percent of active enterprises. Over 51/4 percent of producer services are based in Tirana, Durres, and Shkodra municipalities. Retail and trade account for 21.6 percent of enterprises, while accommodation and food services account for 12.4 percent of enterprises.
Foreign and joint enterprises in 2018 accounted for 3.8 percent of all active companies and provided 9.6 percent of employment. Companies from the European Union (EU) accounted for 64.8 percent of most foreign/joint ventures. According to INSTAT, companies that offer management and consultancy services are mostly owned or co-owned by international citizens.

Enterprises by size
Big companies with 50 and more employees represent only 1.2 percent of all enterprises. However, their contribution to employment is 48.1 percent. About 89.4 percent of enterprises are companies with one to four employees. The data confirm that 75.9 percent are enterprises with only one employee.

Enterprises by region

INSTAT confirms that 49.5 percent of active enterprises are located in Tirana, Fier, and Korca. Meanwhile, Kukes had the lowest number of enterprises, only 1,974.

Source/Photo Credit: INSTAT

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