Wine in Shesh Festival to Gather Wine Lovers in Ndroq

Wine in Shesh Festival to Gather Wine Lovers in Ndroq

TIRANA, September 7

Wine in Shesh is the newest festival dedicated to wine and wine lovers that will take place on Saturday, September 8 in Shesh Village, Ndroq area from 15:00 hours to 20:00 hours. The cultivation of vineyards is now a tradition in the area and it aims to bring together winemakers, the local community and all those who love wine.
The event will take place in an environment surrounded by greenery and vineyards, where a mini-fair of local products, handicrafts, and food will be held. This fair will include all agro-food products and all grape by-products. The aim of the event is to make it an annual tradition that will help to promote the products and the entire area as a tourist destination. Tirana Ensemble of folk dances and songs will perform for the participants, who are expected to participate in the wine war. Itinerary:

Check the map for the fastest route.
News Source/Photo Credit: aprtirana

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