Why Turkish Consortium Didn’t Built the Airport of Vlora?

Why Turkish Consortium Didn’t Built the Airport of Vlora?

TIRANA, June 11

Negotiations with the Turkish consortium, that were offered to build the airport of Vlora failed because of the high compensation that they requested regarding the guarantee of the passenger flux.

Deputy-minister of Infrastructure and Energy, Artan Shkreli has revealed for the first time the reason for the breakdown of the negotiations, whereas emphasized that right now are contemplating to open the international competition for its construction.

Until the project comes to life seems distant, even the decrease of the price of the plane tickets will take time, experts say.  The declarations were made during the discussion between the Albanian state and the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which plans to create the facilitating and appropriate conditions for the operators of the air transport and the free movement of the citizens.

Source/ Scan T.V.

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