Why L’Express ranks Albania the 3rd among 15 top touristic destinations for 2015

Why L’Express ranks Albania the 3rd among 15 top touristic destinations for 2015

L’Espress French weekly magazine has ranked Albania the third in the list of top 15 unique touristic destinations in the world for this year, considering it as “the new pearl of Balkan”. Time has come that Albania must be in the list of important sunny destinations, says L’Espress in its description about Albania.

“Voyage: 15 destinations pour 2015” article starts with the headline, “a cottage in Switzerland or a wood house in Wyoming, a beach in Albania or a pavilion of the universal exhibition in Milano.”

“Albania has beached as stunning as Greece, lakes and mountains as in Switzerland, villages which are part of the UNESCO world heritage list, an ancient history which has showcased for more than 2500 years the roman and byzantine cultures, and the cheapest prices in Europe,” says L’Express.

These are only few of the reasons why L’Express promotes Albania as one of the most unique destinations for 2015. The long coastline and the strategic location of the country are among the reasons why tourists must plan their vacations to Albania.

“The 362 km of coastline end up in front of Corfu Island in south and in front of Puglia at the other side of the Adriatic beach. This is an advantage from which only Italians have benefited, but this not for long anymore.

“Two new air direct routes with a duration less than three hours from Paris and a high number of luxury hotels will rank this small Balkan country in the top of best touristic destinations for 2015,” cites the French magazine.

News source/photo credits: L’Express

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