Why Albania Needs the Giant Port of Kavaja?

Why Albania Needs the Giant Port of Kavaja?

TIRANA, July 22

The construction of a port in Karpen, Kavaja area, is a strategic investment that can connect to Rotterdam and the Suez Canal. This was said by Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Edmond Haxhinasto declared this during Thursday’s plenary session.
Discussions were held by the lawmakers concerning the draft-law that authorizes three ministries to negotiate the contract for the giant port of Kavaja. Haxhinasto said that one of the member companies of ‘AECON’ group is currently part of major projects such as the new port of London ‘London Gateway’ the new port of Qatar and many other projects.
“In terms of strategic assessment, we must all agree that the construction of a port in this specified area is not fortuitous. There is no company in this world ready to come and invest without a reason,” Haxhinasto said to the lawmakers.
According to him, it is expected that a part of the goods coming from the east toward the Port of Rotterdam will pass from the port of Kavaja. This will cut 5,000 kilometres that need seven days to be completed.

Further on, Minister Haxhinasto gave another strategic reason for the construction of the port in this area.
“This isn’t simply a classical project on a port construction. It will bring economic development to the area. We all know the limits of the commercial ports of Durres and Vlora. The Port of Durres requires ongoing deepening while the processing of some products has a major environmental impact and it also lacks the hinterland area,” Haxhinasto explained.
The Port of Kavaja will make possible a separation of work in the other Albanian ports. Moreover, it will help to develop an element that Albania lacks, which are marinas.
The Minister said that marina docks are necessary for tourism development.
“Albania cannot develop maritime tourism without marina docks. The port of Kavaja will have a strategic and economic impact. Over 70,000 new jobs will open while more than 7,000 people will work during the construction of the port,” Haxhinasto concluded.

News Source: ATA

Photo Credit: Playa del Este Karpen

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