What Does Albania Import from China?

What Does Albania Import from China?

TIRANA, March 6

How important are imports from China to the Albanian economy? Official data show that imports from China in 2019 increased by 11 percent while the Asian country ranked third in the list of Albania’s top trade partners after Italy and Greece.
Now, as coronavirus is spreading small, medium and even large business owners who import from China, are going through tensed times. Lack of supply due to prolonged factory closures could cause a loss of clients and momentum.

In 2017 Albania imported $312 worth of goods from China. According to OEC China’s exports to Albania in 2017 were as follows:

Machines $104 million

machinery goods Albania imported from China
Textiles $49.4 million

Textiles Albania imported from China
Mineral products $37.9 million

mineral imports Albania
Metals $29.3 million

metal imports Albania
Miscellaneous $24.1 million

toys imports Albania
Plastic and rubber $22.1 million

Plastic imports Albania
Stone and Glass $17.5 million

Chemical products $15.7 million

chemical imports Albania

Footwear and headwear $15.5 million

Footwear imports Albania

Transportation $8 million

transportimports Albania

Instruments $7.19 million

instruments imports Albania

Paper goods $5.37 million

paper imports Albania

Animal hides $4.89 million

animal imports Albania

Vegetable products $2.73 million

vegetables imports Albania

Foodstuffs $2.66 million

foodstuffs imports Albania

Wood products $ 2.37 million

wood imports Albania

Animal products $365k

mollusks imports Albania

Animal and vegetal bi-products $333k

vegetable oils imports Albania

Precious metals $129k

jewelry imports Albania

On the other hand, Albania exported $177 million worth of goods to China in 2017. It is important to point out that Albanian wine is being exported to China. The country is expected to become the world’s largest wine market.
The value of mineral products exported to China was $162 million.
Other exported goods by sector
Textiles $8.55 million
Metals $4.15 million
Footwear and headwear $1.86 million
Foodstuffs $151k

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Source/Photo Credit: OEC

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