Western Balkans Sign Sofia Agreement on Green Agenda

Western Balkans Sign Sofia Agreement on Green Agenda

TIRANA, November 13

The Western Balkan countries committed to several actions on climate, energy, and mobility, circular economy, de-pollution, sustainable agriculture, and food production, and biodiversity as they signed the Sofia Declaration during the Sofia Summit held on November 10. They also reached an important milestone by endorsing the Leaders’ Declaration on the Green Agenda that aligns with EU Green Deal.
Hence the Balkan Countries as a region committed to:

  1. Work towards the 2050 target of a carbon-neutral continent together with the EU through mainstreaming a strict climate policy and reforming energy and transport sectors
  2. The process of transition from linear to a circular economy being fully aware of the necessity for research and innovation system to support this transition.
  3. Depollution of air, water, and soil in the Western Balkans
  4. To work towards ensuring the transformation of the agriculture sector, minimizing its negative environmental and climate impact, and safeguarding affordable and healthy food for WB citizens and export markets
  5. To work on defining the post-2020 biodiversity framework and developing a long-term strategy for halting biodiversity loss, protection, and restoration of ecosystems and abundant biological diversity.

Source/Photo Credit: RCC

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