Weekend Curfew Extended to 60 Hours in Albania

Weekend Curfew Extended to 60 Hours in Albania

TIRANA, April 17

Albanian will spend the weekend on lockdown due to the coronavirus prevention actions. The new measures clearly define that the lockdown will be in force from Friday 17:30 hours to Monday 5:00 hours. Everything will be closed, including shops, pharmacies, and supermarkets, while pedestrians and vehicles that don’t have an urgent reason will not be allowed to out.
This Sunday, Albanian orthodox believers celebrate Easter, but it will be a family only feast.
However, citizens can buy anything needed for the feast and the weekend today until 17:30 hours. Once they receive, the 90 minutes permission. Lockdown rule-breakers will be subject to fines.

The number of COVID-19 cases in Albania sits at 539.

Source: local media

Photo Credit: Jetlir Izairi

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