“Week of Emigrants”, a week dedicated to culture, tradition, environment

“Week of Emigrants”, a week dedicated to culture, tradition, environment

“Week of Emigrants” is an annual event organized by the local government of Mirdita city, with the aim to promote tourism and the protection of environment. During this festive week, the city of Mirdite transforms into an exhibition of culture, tradition and joy among its citizens, returned emigrants who choose Albania as their summer destination and tourists that visit the city.

It offers a lot of entertaining opportunities for locals and tourists as folkloric festivals, fairs of traditional handicrafts and products, exhibition of cultural and traditional values, ect.

The main reason why this event takes place in Mirdita is to raise awareness about the importance of protecting the environment in the city. The organizers have chosen the season of summer to hold this activity since the city gets visited by thousands of tourists and emigrants who return to Albania for their summer holidays. Another reason relates to the tradition of this city to welcome Albanian emigrants who live and work abroad but they return to Albania as tourists during summer.

Mirdita Municipality Mayor praised the support shown by businesses in organizing this event and vowed to “return the favor” by supporting businesses in their initiatives to protect the environment, among others. “Week of emigrants” is an opportunity to boost and promote cultural tourism of the area, according to participants.

News source: Ora News

Photo credits: Nick St. Oegger

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