WB Approves $50 mln for Tourism Roads Reconstruction

WB Approves $50 mln for Tourism Roads Reconstruction

TIRANA, April 26
The World Bank (WB) announced on Thursday that it approved a 50 million dollar fund for the development of regional and local roads with a special focus on supporting the tourism and agriculture sectors. Pogradec – Tushemisht, Fier – Seman, and Qafe Thore – Theth are the three roads that will be reconstructed by this fund during the first-year program.
The WB specifies that the project supports improved access to several agricultural and tourism centers in Albania, and strengthened capacities of municipalities to manage their road assets. The existing condition of about half of regional and local road networks does not adequately support access to essential public services, as well as to economic activities. It hinders the development of the emerging tourism industry and of the agricultural sector. Better road connectivity is critical for the development of the country.
“The new project will focus on prioritization of interventions with the higher economic impact that complement productive sectors, particularly in agriculture and tourism,” said Maryam Salim, World Bank Country Manager for Albania. “Tourism development will benefit by improving road access to existing and potential tourism destinations. The project also helps the integration of agricultural producers into agri-food value”
The rehabilitation of the roads will incorporate climate resilience, such as resilience to flooding and landslides. The project will also promote woman’s employment opportunity in the road sector in Albania. The project will be implemented by the Albanian Development Fund.

News Source: The WB

Photo Credit: Tushemisht FB

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