Waterbird Population in Albania’s Wetlands is Declining

Waterbird Population in Albania’s Wetlands is Declining

TIRANA, February 9

Even though the numbers of waterbirds in Albania’s wetlands have stabilized over the last years, data from the latest Waterbird Census show that the figure for 2022 is lower than the multiannual average of 1996-2022. The Albanian Ornithological Association (AOS) unveiled the numbers of the waterbirds observed by over 120 specialists and experts in 33 wetlands in Albania on 15-16 January in line with the International Waterbirds Census. At the end of the two-days activity, some 138,495 waterbirds and a total of 61species of waterbirds were observed.

Average number of waterbirds in Albania

The data show that the highest number of birds was registered at Shkodra Lake. Meanwhile, Divjake-Karavasta National Park had the highest number of waterbird species.
According to AOS, the above-mentioned figures, the latest result is lower compared to the multiannual average, which stands at about 160,000.
“The multiannual trend of IWC results shows that the number of birds is decreasing,” AOS highlights.

The International Waterbird Census is a global monitoring scheme that is undertaken in mid-January of each year taking place since 1967 in more than 144 countries and more than 25 thousand different wetland sites.
The IWC in Albania was held for the first time in 1993.
“Since, it has been undertaken nearly every year, becoming thus the oldest long-term monitoring program of fauna monitoring in Albania. This program offers valuable data supporting our understanding for the trend of the species and sites in Albania,” AOS points out.

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Source/Photo Credit: AOS

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