Water Industry is Flowing as Exports Increase

Water Industry is Flowing as Exports Increase

TIRANA, October 25

Water seems to be the newest growing industry in terms of production and sales. The data are positive even regarding trade with the region and European countries. Information provided by official stats on exports for January-September 2016 confirms an increase of bottled water export.
According to the data issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, some 9,296 tons of water have been exported during this year. Meanwhile, water export for 2015 was 6,345 tons. Moreover, the incomes from water export for the nine months of the current year was 70 million more compared to 2015.
Several water companies are operating in the Albanian market. This industry is blooming even in terms of domestic sales given that most of the Albanian citizens buy bottled water as they say that tap water isn’t safe. There are many factors that cause worry and lack of trust on tap water.

News Source: Scan TV

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