Washington Post writes about mountain tourism in Albania

Washington Post writes about mountain tourism in Albania

TIRANA, August 17

On the highest peaks in southern Albania, on the winding streets where goats go more than cars, there is a group of villages, where seems that the time has stopped for decades “, this is how the prestigious Washington Post starts its writing for Albania.
This writing has been devoted to Albania for its efforts to attract more tourists. “We are making a pilot project about how to connect rural communities that are very close to the coastline, but that have never been helped by seaside tourism,” said Auron Tare, head of the National Coast Agency of Albania.
The post describes that sheep’s milk is still being transported with a mule to local cheese makers.
Elderly climb the mountain to gather wild oregano and other plants. The old candle burning rituals to honor the ancient, bowed, sacred is still kept alive, even though none of those practicing, seems to know why and how these rituals have been born.
Positioned along a cliff after the ruins of an old fortress, Nivica village is unknown to many people in Albania as well. An ambitious project aims to open it for tourists who want to discover the extraordinary natural beauty and the lifestyle of the village in the most isolated areas of the country. Area attractions are numerous. Crystal water sources flow through canyons and gorges outlining the landscape. Small Ottoman stone bridges, untouched by centuries, still pass through the canals. When the sun sets, the shepherds carry their flocks to small barns to feed them, “says her writing.

News Source: Albinfo.ch

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