Vocational Education and Training in the Spotlight, Rama Says

Vocational Education and Training in the Spotlight, Rama Says

TIRANA, December 29

The number of vocational education and training schools is expected to increase in Albania. This was confirmed by Prime Minister Edi Rama, who said that every municipality in the country will have at least one vocational education school specialized on the needs of the local market. The Premier made the declaration during a reception with teachers.
He highlighted that the future plans in the education sector include 140 schools for 40,000 students and 61 consulting centers in career and employment.
“The number of students in vocational schools increased from 3,000 to 27,000 and we expect it to reach 54,000 by 2021,” PM Rama said.
Vocational education and training may help to fill the gap of the unskilled workforce, which is still a key problem in Albania. VET helps youth to gain specific skills and be more qualified as the labor market is becoming more specialized. VET is a choice for teens that want to start shaping their careers in high school and further work in their hometowns and cities. Vocational Education is now gaining popularity because students can find a job even when they’re still in school while newly graduated from universities often struggle to find jobs.
Information on VET is available at the Portal for Education and Vocational Training. So far, VET related projects implemented by international partners such as GIZ, the EU, ADF and many others have resulted successful and they bring opportunities for young people that want to gain skills and meet the demands of both the domestic and international market.

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