Virtualization, the main theme of “Tech Thursday” weekly event held at Protik

Virtualization, the main theme of “Tech Thursday” weekly event held at Protik

Protik Innovation Center held on December 18 “Tech Thursday” event, focused on the presentation of new technologies and innovations by big companies in Albania. The event was attended by many Information Technology specialists from Tetra Solution Company, Raiffaisen bank, Albtelecom and also many Computer Science students.

The main theme discussed at Tech Thursday was “The technology of Virtualization”, since virtualization is a very used manner of operating by companies nowadays. Virtualization refers to creating the virtual version of platforms, and means, operating systems and other computer network resources.

Representatives of each participating company explained the novelties of their IT sector and the changes that virtualization has brought to their work performance. Virtualization means cut of costs and time for a company.

Tech Thursday is a weekly event, organized by Protik Innovation Center, in collaboration with many companies that are focused in creating new online platforms and products, in order to ease their companies’ work. Technology can simplify a work process and make it useful to everyone in a very easy way.

The activity was held by the support of Tetra Solutions company and Raiffeisen Bank.

Photo credits: Protik (Facebook page)

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