UNESCO Gave $185,000 to Albanian Sites during Last Four Years

UNESCO Gave $185,000 to Albanian Sites during Last Four Years

TIRANA, January 18

Even though the financial crisis that started in 2008 reduced funds allocated by various programs including UNESCO, Albania benefited from the program during the 2012-2016 period.
Some $185,000 from the main fund were allocated. Meanwhile, UNESCO documents say that funds from other sources were allocated thus resulting in a total amount of Euro 2.1 million.
The sectors that benefited from these funds include the government and the rule of law, economy and environment, local and regional cooperation, and social policies.
Supporting activities by UNESCO will continue even during 2017 following the three-year plan, mainly in science and education and cross-border projects.
It is expected that UNESCO will start the procedures on the proclamation of the Albanian coast of Ohrid Lake a World Heritage Site. This will be the fourth Albanian listed in UNESCO following Butrint, Gjirokastra and Berat.

News Source: Monitor

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