Ukraine Gives Green Light to Albanian Meat and Dairy Exporters

Ukraine Gives Green Light to Albanian Meat and Dairy Exporters

TIRANA, April 18

Ukraine is the first country that lifted the ban on imports of Albanian meat and dairy products. This was confirmed by the president of the Albanian Export Centre, Alban Zusi.
“Finally, all the Albanian products of animal origin such as meat, milk and their by-products can be exported to a foreign country,” Zusi said.
Ukraine gave the green light to the import of these products after 27 years of the ban. During this period of time, Albania was ranked among the countries risked by various diseases, bird flu included.
Even though Albania made progress regarding the implementation of modern practices and systems on food safety and quality, it continues to face several problems related to private entrepreneurship.
Previously, a cooperation memorandum was signed in December 2016 between the Albanian Export Centre and the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce. One of the points included in the agreement was related to export barriers.
In order to concretize this opportunity, the two aforementioned institutions will organize the first business forum in Tirana on April 28-29.
Other important issues about this cooperation is a bilateral agreement on veterinary certificates and negotiations on customs fees.
“Albanian products reach the Ukrainian market via Macedonia because these countries apply zero customs duties. Meanwhile, Albanian exporters must pay a ten percent customs duty. We are negotiating on equal conditions,” Zusi said.
According to official data, exports to Ukraine from Albania, which consisted mostly of fruit and vegetables, increased by 19 percent during 2016.

News Source/Photo credit: Alb Export

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