Two New Tunnels in Koman and Fierza HPP’s

Two New Tunnels in Koman and Fierza HPP’s

TIRANA, July 12

The Albanian Power Corporation (KESh) is planning to construct two tunnels in the main Hydro Power Plants (HPP) in River Drin cascade, which will reduce the consequences of flooding.
A study with a cost of Euro two million on the planning of the two discharge tunnels in Koman and Fierza HPP’s will be held by KESh.
“The construction of the two new tunnels are going to help during flooding situations or when the conditions of water in the cascade will be unfavourable. Therefore, we will be able to manage the water flow without causing concern to the population,” director of the dam project at KESh Fatos Bundo said.
The investment is expected to have a cost of Euro 98 million, but the exact cost will be known at the finalisation of the study, which will happen during early 2017.
“In term of figures, this is an investment with a value that may reach up to Euro 164 million depending on the tunnels’ length,” Bundo added.
After the competition of the project, KESh will start discussions with financial institutions in order to provide the necessary funds.

News Source: TCh

Photo credit: KESh

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