Two Albanian Companies Interested in Spitalla Free Economic Area

Two Albanian Companies Interested in Spitalla Free Economic Area


After three failed attempts, Albania may have the first free economic area. The Ministry of Economic Development is scrutinizing two offers submitted for Spitalla area. The first offer foresees an investment of Euro 30 million for the construction of a ferrochrome factory. Meanwhile, the second offer plans the construction of industrial sheds for an investment of Euro 93 million. Both offers were submitted by Albanian companies.
Minister of Economic Development Milva Ekonomi that the winner for Spitalla area will be declared by the end of May.
“Companies from Macedonia, Turkey, and Malta showed interest in this area, but two Albanian companies applied and they will bring foreign technology,” Ekonomi said.
Besides the investment, these projects will create new jobs.
The first projects will create 12,000 jobs during the first three years while the second project will create 2,500 jobs for a period of four years.
The minister highlighted that increased productivity will be the main benefit for the area. She explained that the construction of industrial sheds will increase chances for investing production and qualified services, while the ferrochrome factory will make possible that Albanian exports enriched minerals.
The businesses that will develop their activities in Spitalla Area are going to benefit financial facilities.

News Source: TCh

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