Tuna Fishermen to Enjoy Double Catch Quotas in 2018

Tuna Fishermen to Enjoy Double Catch Quotas in 2018

TIRANA, December 7

The fishing quota for all the Albanian fishery subjects that catch tuna fish will double in 2018 from 57 tons per year to 100 tons. This is the limit of tuna fish that Albanian subjects can catch and trade within a year, Top Channel reported on Wednesday.
Sources from the Ministry of Agriculture said that the quota will continue to increase during the upcoming years. The International Commission for the Conservation of the Atlantic (ICCA), which sets the fishing quota for each country agreed to increase the quota over 100 tones for the Albanian ships in the future.
According to TCh, the quota for tuna fishing for 2019 and 2020 will be respectively 140 and 180 tons.
This is expected to have a positive impact in this sector of the Albanian economy that currently employs 3,000 people. It will help to increase income and also create more jobs. Tuna fish catch and trade is monitored by ICCAT through its inspectors that are going to assist the Albanian fishing fleet during the entire process from the sea to the market.

News Source: TCh

Photo Credit: pixabay

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