Tulipa Albanica Habitat under Temporary Protection

Tulipa Albanica Habitat under Temporary Protection

TIRANA, May 20

The habitat of Tulipa Albanica, the Albanian Tulip, in Surroj village, Kukes area was given temporary protection by the local power. The habitat of Tulipa Albanica spans over a small serpentine area of about one square km. It is critically endangered by the mining activity in the area. It is compared with Tulipa scardica from the western Balkans (Kosovo and North Macedonia) and with T. schrenkii from the Ukraine, Caucasus, Central, and Southwest Asia. The flower occurs both in red and yellow colors. It was discovered by Lulezim Shuka Professor at the Faculty of Natural sciences and Kit Tan from the Institute of Biology, University of Copenhagen, biologist Besnik Hallaci and Luan Vata. More on the discovery of the tulip is available here:
Tulipa albanica (Liliaceae), a new species from northeastern Albania

Tulipa Albanica
Tulipa Albanica by Abdulla Diku

Source: ATA
Photo Credit: Abdulla Diku

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