Tropoja Chestnuts, Blueberries and More Albanian Products are Creating Brands

Tropoja Chestnuts, Blueberries and More Albanian Products are Creating Brands

TIRANA, January 8

The number of Albanian locally branded agricultural products that are destined for the international market increased during 2017. Besides olive oil and medicinal and aromatic herbs, Albania is known for its chestnuts and blueberries that are very popular in the European market and beyond. ATA recently reported that according to the General Director of the Industrial Property Directorate in Albania, Elvin Lako some 1,162 brands have been registered so far. He added that the hike in the number of registered trademarks is a result of the amendments to the law on Industrial Property. For the first time, this law meets the European Union legal frame on the protection of geographical indications such as protected designation of origin (PDO), protected geographical indication (PGI), and traditional specialties guaranteed (TSG).
Albanian business and local producers have realized the importance of branding. Anyone buying Tropoja Chestnuts in another country knows that it is a product of Albania. Branding also guarantees the quality of the product.
Currently, the highest number of branded products come from northern Albania. Businesses and farmers from this area have branded well-known products such as the chestnuts of Tropoja and Malesi e Madhe, also chestnut honey from both these areas, as well as blueberries from Tropoja and Kukesi highlands.
“This system helps the revitalization of production in rural areas, tourism development, new jobs, and more revenues from exported products,” Lako said.
The next step is the inclusion of Albanian into Lisbon Agreement for the protection of Appellations of origin.

News Source: ATA
Photo Credit: Shoq. Geshtenjat e Tropojes

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