Trieste Summit: Italian Business to Size Up Investment Opportunities in Albania

Trieste Summit: Italian Business to Size Up Investment Opportunities in Albania

TIRANA, July 11

Mechanic, chemical, pharmaceutical, and the medical industry, agribusiness, footwear and garment manufacturing, construction, infrastructure, and tourism are some of the sectors that attracted the attention of Italian enterprises. This was confirmed by the chair of the Italian Trade Agency (ICE) in Tirana, Elisa Scelsa. She added that these sectors provide integration into international markets. She ranked the opportunities that Albanian companies may find in the business forum that will be held during the Western Balkans Summit in Trieste on Wednesday, July 12.
She highlighted that the fields of interest for the companies that are going to attend the forum are infrastructure, innovation, and energy and environment.
“Those sectors are the focus of the Berlin Process since 2014. Italy aims at promoting and encouraging major integration between the countries of the region under the EU adhering perspective,” Scelsa said.
Further on, she added that economic cohesion and the single market are important and the European Union built its history on these principles.
“Therefore, it is important that the fourth Balkan Summit within the Berlin Process, which will be hosted by Italy, has an entire session dedicated to business and companies in the key sectors for joint sustainable development,” Scelsa added.
“The Summit will serve as an important occasion to work together on strengthening concrete opportunities while fostering regional cooperation with the aim of developing inclusive societies, good governance, and vibrant economies, hence also further advancing the European Union integration perspective of the region,” the press release issued by the European Commission on Tuesday highlighted.

News Source: Monitor

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