Travelers from Greece and North Macedonia must Quarantine

Travelers from Greece and North Macedonia must Quarantine

TIRANA, April 19

Mandatory quarantine for people arriving into Albania from Greece and North Macedonia is to begin on Tuesday, 20 April. The decision was unveiled on Monday during the meeting of the Committee of Technical Experts. Moreover, the experts said that the new measures will be in effect until 3 May. Until then, those arriving from the two neighboring countries will spend two weeks in isolation.

The new measure follows a rise in infections in the countries of the region.

According to the committee, there has been significant improvement in the COVID-19 situation in Albania. Yet, failure to comply with the measures in place during electoral rallies and a rise in travel during the upcoming Easter week might cause growth in infections.
“The Committee considers it necessary to apply a two-week quarantine for people arriving from North Macedonia and Greece until 3 May. The measure will be then reviewed again,” the experts said.

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Source: Health Ministry

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