How to Transform Your Organization into a Social Business in Albania

How to Transform Your Organization into a Social Business in Albania

TIRANA, August 14

All the subjects interested to attain the social enterprise status must follow a specific procedure of application. The Ministry of Health and Social Protection issued the official guideline for all the social businesses in Albania.
According to the document published in the Official Gazette, nonprofit organizations should fill in a request that includes a short description and information on the social and economic criteria as defined in the Law on Social Enterprises. The request is submitted to the Ministry of Health and Social Protection.
In the case of a social business that exercises an activity which requires a specific license, it has to be attained before the application for the status. Besides the abovementioned request, the interested subjects need to submit the following documents: A verification paper issued by the Office for the Registration of Nonprofit Organizations at the District Court of Tirana. A copy of the org’s establishment act. A verdict by the highest body of the organization that explains the purpose of the application. Other documents that confirm that the organizations meet the defined economic and social criteria, etc.
The verdict will be announced within 30 days from application. According to the law in force, social enterprises are promoted based on supporting measures that include financial aid and more.

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