Tourists from Low Countries prefer Saranda as their summer destination

Tourists from Low Countries prefer Saranda as their summer destination

Saranda, the southern coastal city of a developing contry as Albania, is rapidly becoming one of the most important touristic cities in Balkans.

The improvement of infrastructure and public services in the city of Saranda has had a positive impact in attracting foreign tourists. During this summer, the number of tourists that have choosen Saranda’s coast as their vacations destination is estimated to be more than 1000 per week. Swedish, German, Swiss and Danish tourists prefer to enjoy the sun in the breathtaking Ionian sea.

The Head of Saranda Municipality Stefan Cipa says there are new forms of tourism emerging in Saranda city, such as nature tourism and cultural tourism apart from the blue tourism.

In this city you may find many cultural and architectonic places to visit, to know more about the antiquity, history and tradition of Illyrians, the ancient Albanians. Butrint National Park, sometimes called as the Albanian Archaeological city of Butrint, is the most fascinating touristic site that foreigners want to visit.

The improvement of road infrastructure has brought closer the city with Tirana capital, by reducing the travel time for the Saranda-Tirana itinerary with 2 hours. Over a week, there are more than 1000 tourists that come in groups in Saranda, mostly from Low Countries.

Even the number of local tourists has increased dramatically, according to Cipa. Kosovars and Macedonians prefer Saranda as their summer destination and this has turned in tradition for them.

Almost all the coastal area of Saranda has turned into public beaches and the efficient management by the Municipality has urged the increase of the number of tourists.

News source: ATA

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