Tourists can Explore 8 Caves in Karaburun Peninsula

Tourists can Explore 8 Caves in Karaburun Peninsula

TIRANA, June 27

The book that Albanian children grow up reading for many decades is “The Pirates’ Cave” by Petro Marko. A group of children fascinated by pirate stories get together, and with the help of an old sea dog, find the way how to get into the mysterious cave.
Nowadays, no one knows the number of the people that go to Dhermi village and visit the cave that lies behind the most popular children adventure book, but for sure they are a lot.
Caves in Albania are spread almost all over the territory, but the southern Riviera besides its striking coastline is home to many littoral caves, which are visited by numerous fans of adventure tourism, and can be accessed both by water and land.
Given that caves are among the most damaged habitats by human influence, Protection and Preservation of Natural Environment in Albania (PPNEA) recommends that the development of cave tourism should be of high care and strict management.
Considering this, PPNEA, under the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF) funded project “Land of Eagles and Castles”, has put a particular attention to study and protection of caves, in Karaburun Peninsula, in close collaboration with local NGO “Flag Pine” and RAPA Vlore. A total number of 13 caves have been identified from which only eight have been approved by experts to be promoted for tourism purposes, the rest are kept confidential due to their high sensitivity and the need for further studies. A scenic  route of Karaburun Caves has been marked by PPNEA for caving enthusiasts.

News Source/Photo credit: PPNEA

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