Touristic Albania, young people passionate about history

Touristic Albania, young people passionate about history

TIRANA, August 15

Young people who are passionate about history are among many foreign tourists who have chosen this year to visit Albania.

The Castle of Shkodra was the starting point for traveling to the historic monuments of two Dutch youths, Marilyn and Dan. “We are mainly here to learn about Albania’s history. We both haven’t read enough about the history of the Balkans, so we thought to come to Albania and here we are, “they say.

“It’s a miracle when you see young tourists who are passionate about history. These tourists have chosen Shkodra Castle to start their journey through Albania. They liked a lot the fortress of Shkodra, likewise the nature and hospitality of Albanians. They will continue to explore Tirana, Berat, and Gjirokastra. Our country has a lot to offer, “writes the Minister of Economic Development, Trade, Tourism and Entrepreneurship, Milva Ekonomi.

Albania seems to be experiencing another good tourist season. The Institute of Statistics reported that the number of foreign nationals who entered Albania for holiday purposes increased by 2.4 times in the first six months of the year.

According to INSTAT, for January-June this year the number of foreign tourists jumped to 562 thousand people from 230 thousand for the same period last year. Detailed statistics show that only in June, marking the start of the peak of the tourist season, more than 195 thousand foreign tourists entered Albania.

The two-and-a-half increase in the number of foreign tourists warns another good season for tourism after the positive results of last year. According to the Bank of Albania in 2016, the Albanian economy received 1.5 billion euros of tourism income, equaling 15 percent of national production.

News Source: ATA

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