Vlora coastline

Tourism Plans: Coastal Roads and Ten-Year Tax Exemption for 5-star Hotels

TIRANA, August 29

It appears that the new government will focus on improving the service quality in the tourism sector. This was highlighted by Prime Minister Edi Rama during a meeting he held with three journalists on Tuesday in Llogara area, southern Albania.
Rama unveiled some of the initiatives that will be taken in order to achieve the above-mentioned goal. He highlighted that all the five-star rated hotels, currently there is only one in the capital, will not pay taxes for a period of ten years.
“We are creating a new package. Every accommodation facility that obtains a five-star rating from the 30 international luxury brands will not pay taxes for ten years,” PM Rama said.
He added that currently, there is only one accommodation facility in Albania that has a five-star rating. Moreover, all the investments in the hotel industry can benefit from this initiative.
Further on, he continued with the tourism related plans of the government. He highlighted that all the hotels and accommodation facilities operating along the coastline must have wastewater treatment plant by May 2018, otherwise, they cannot exercise their activity.
The development of the road infrastructure in the coastal area was another objective highlighted by the Premier. He said that a new road that is going to connect Himara with Llogara will be constructed. This road will help the revitalization of villages in the area. Meanwhile, a pedestrians road will be constructed in Dhermi.
Moreover, investments in the northern region include the road to Theth and a new road from Shengjin to Velipoja. The latter will cut the distance between Shengjin and Montenegro. All these and other projects are expected to boost the tourism sector.
News Source: kryeministria.al