“Tourism and entrepreneurship” on the focus of Yunus Social Business Albania

“Tourism and entrepreneurship” on the focus of Yunus Social Business Albania

Taking in consideration the great opportunities and the promising perspective Albania offers in the tourism sector, the interest of being an entrepreneur in this field has increased significantly in recent years. Based on this, many business associations and training centers have highlighted the beneficiary connection between tourism and young entrepreneurs.

One of the latest events held on this behalf on September 30 was “Tourism and Entreprenurship”, a one-day training programme by Yunus Social Business Albania. In the framework of its business accelerator program “Ideas in destination”, Yunus Social Business Albania held this event, with the moto “Explore, discover and write your own map”.

The event took place at the E Jona coffee, a social business financed by Yunus Social Business Albania that employes people with disabilities.


Participant in this event were many Albanian entrepreneurs in the tourism sector, high officials from the Ministry of Tourism and successful entrepreneurs as Mr. Georg Daniel Bauser, Director of “AirBnb”, USA, and Mr. Peter Zimmer, representative of “Futour”, Germany.


During the discussions, many shortcomings and problems of the tourism sector were identified and this helped in giving new ideas and proposals for improvement of it. One of the points highlighted during the event was the strengthen of collaboration between businesses and local institutions of the touristic areas. Apart from that, another alternative of improving tourism in Albania such as social initiatives taken by youth were considered as crucial to understand the importance of tourism sector in the Albanian economy.

The head of Yunus Social Business Albania Shkelzen Marku, announced that everyone who has an interesting idea of a social business in this sector must apply for the business accelerator program and start establishing its business idea.


Shkëlzen Marku, Director of Yunus Social Business Albania

The participants emphasized the importance of being an entrepreneur in the tourism sector in Albania, taking in consideration the number of tourists that choose Albania as their vacation destination every year.

Photo credits: Yunus Social Business Albania FB

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