Tourism and Agricultural Markets, Priorities of  Secondary Connection Roads Project

TIRANA, October 4

The Albanian Development Fund (FSHZH) relaunched a public procurement notice on the Regional Secondary Road Connections in Albania. The project, which is supported by a Euro 100 million loan from international donators, aims at improving various road segments throughout the country.
The purpose of the project is to improve access to basic services and economic markets through improved road infrastructure in the areas where the project will be implemented. According to procurement notice, the project will achieve its goal by improving primary segments of the secondary road network, improving local road segments, strengthening the road network management and by including the private sector on the maintenance of the local and secondary roads.
According to FSHZH, the roads will be selected based on some specific criteria in order to optimize their economic impact.
Therefore, the roads that connect areas of tourism potential and those that provide access to agricultural markets.
The construction works will include lane widening, asphalt paving, repair of existing bridges and construction of new one, bypass construction, and equipment with road signs and traffic symbols, construction of pavements and bike lanes, etc.

News Source: FSHZH, Scan TV