Top Baby Names in Albania over the Last Century

Top Baby Names in Albania over the Last Century

TIRANA, January 8

What’s in a name? Shakespeare would ask.
Quite a lot, from meaning, identity, culture, and spiritual belonging to aesthetically pleasing sounds, the Albanian Institute of Statistics (INSTAT) would answer. The most popular baby names for Albania in general and each city, in particular, are available in a collection that includes a little of everything. Visualized data from form the civil status office show a trend of transition from meaningful words to names inspired from Latin American sitcoms or invented brand domain-sounding names.

Top 5 all-time (1907-2017) most popular names in Albania

Albanian names

Lindita – Female name that means Dawn, 502 babies were named Lindita in 1970
Arben – ancient Albanian male name, 436 babies were named Arben in 1972
Mimoza – female name derived from mimosa flowering tree, 427 babies were named Mimoza in 1971
Gezim – Male name that means Joy, 334 babies were named Gezim in 1969
Shpresa – Female name that means Hope, 346 babies were named Shpresa in 1970

Those were the years when the graphs for these five names reached the top. Afterward, new names grew in popularity (see below). Name data over different periods of years are available for all 36 municipalities.

However, the top five most popular names are different for each city. Here are some examples.

The top five used names in the capital city Tirana during 1930-2015 were Majlinda, Merita, Alma, Andi, and Sara
Most used names in Gjirokastra 1927-2015: Eleni, Vasil, Mimoza, Valbona, kristina
Most used names in Dibra 1935-2015: Bukurie, Fatime, Lirie, Ardit, Klajdi
Top five names used in Kukes 1940-2015: Shpresa, Gezim, Vjollca, Ardit, Ervin
Top five names used in Tropoja 1940-2015: Fatime, Sabrie, Shpresa, Agim, Jetmir
Top five name used in Malesi e Madhe 1940-2009: Leze, Gjyste, Gjergj, Vitore, Vera
Top five names used in Korca 1930-2014: Gjergji, Arben, Anxhela, Kristina, Kristi
Top five names used in Lezha 1931-2013: Marie, Ndue, Zef, Gjergj, Vitore
Top five names used in Sarandam1932-2013: Vasil, Andrea, Spiro, Agim, Kristina

Meanwhile, INSTAT data provide insights into the most used girl and boy names during the last year.
Top ten baby girl names

Top ten baby boy names

Meanwhile, to find out how many other people have the same name as you, use the name statistics.

Photo Credit: Qendistari Agia

Source: INSTAT

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