Today, Travel Massive Albania to take place in Tirana

Today, Travel Massive Albania to take place in Tirana

Tirana, November 13, 2015

On Friday, November 13, Invest in Albania will organize Travel Massive Albania, a networking event dedicated to tourism. Travel Massive is an international monthly or bimonthly event which is organized in more than 120 countries worldwide and its aim is to bring together people that work in the travel industry.

In Albania, Travel Massive Albania aims to bring together individuals that currently work and contribute in the development of the tourism sector, such as travel company representatives, founders of startups in the tourism sector, nature photographers, tour guides, tourism experts, ect.

Travel Massive Albania comes as a voluntary initiative and aims to transform into a monthly event where people that work in the tourism industry to network and present their ideas, initiatives and offer solutions to problems that this sector currently faces.

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