Op/Ed: Tirana titbits revealed for travelers

Op/Ed: Tirana titbits revealed for travelers

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Tirana the capital of Albania is a beautiful city with myriad tourism opportunities. Monument, museums, landmarks, mosques and cathedrals dot the city’s landscape that makes it an interesting destination to visit. Apart from the city, more fun awaits at city’s suburb where a large number of historic buildings are situated. Albania which was under a communist regime for long is now opened to the rest of the world and the global visitors are showing interest in it. Thousands of travellers book flights to Tirana which was not accessible to rest of the world only a few decades ago. Here we suggest you ways to have most of the city.

Thrilling Tajvani

Tajvani is the pulsating heart of Tirana and teems with bars, restaurants, casinos. It is an ideal place to kick-start your city exploration. If children are part of your entourage, they will enjoy the huge water fountains and glowing bridge situated here. The place also acts as a jumping off point for a ride to nearby Dajti Mountain. From the top of the mountains you can get a commanding view of Tirana and its beautiful surroundings.

Placid Parku i Madh

Parku i Madh offers great respite amidst the hustle and bustle of the city. In afternoon you can see a large number of children and adults relaxing in a park. Its cobbled paths and scenery makes it a perfect respite for the locals and vacationers. The area has a high concentration of restaurants that make it a hangout zone for the travelers. You can also buy some souvenirs from the vendors roaming the streets.

Magnificent Mosque

The construction of the mosque took around 3 decades. This one of the most stunning mosques in Albania is well adorned with artworks. The mosque was closed under communist regime but was opened for religious purpose in 1991. The mosque was opened by public without official permission and marks religious freedom in Albania.

Mesmeric Museums

Opened in 1981, National Museum of History is the largest museums in the country. The museum boasts a large collection of artifacts ranging from ancient times till Hoxha’s regime. The museums are a great place to see the history of Albania.

Beautiful Beaches

If beaches are your idea of vacation then you should plan a day trip to the city of Durres which is situated at a short drive from Tirana. This one of the oldest cities in Albania enjoys a trinity of sand, surf and sea. While walking through the streets of the city you will come across some of the magnificent architectural marvels of the city.

Those culturally inclined should go to visit National Art Gallery of Albania where more than 4,000 works of art from Albanian and foreign artists are on display. The art gallery is the best place to understand Albanian cultural heritage. In addition there are various shopping options that sell designers to local stuff. To provide guests with accommodation and dining there are some good quality hotels and restaurants.

Photo by Arton Krasniqi 

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