Tirana – Durres – Rinas Railway Agreement Adopted, Construction to End in 24 Months

Tirana – Durres – Rinas Railway Agreement Adopted, Construction to End in 24 Months

TIRANA, July 11

The price for the train ticket for the new Tirana – Durres railway will be between Euro 1 and Euro 1.2. This information comes after the Parliamentary Committee for Producing Activities, Trade and Environment adopted on Tuesday the agreement on the grant for Tirana – Durres – Rinas railway. Deputy Minister of infrastructure and Energy Artan Shkreli unveiled the ticket price during the Committee meeting.

“The train ticket will wary between €1-1.2. It was not defined because the operators that will offer the service may be both public and private,” Shkreli said.
The total cost of the long-awaited project is about €90 million. The term for the construction of the project is 31.12.2020, and it can be postponed only for the airport section. Shkreli said that the project is achievable within 24 months.
“The only part that can be questioned is the new section to Rinas. Despite the conducted studies, there can be questions for this section, that can postpone the project deadline,” he said.
Regarding the new project, the train will have a diesel locomotive while an electronic engine would require an additional fund of Euro 12 million.
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) will provide a loan of Euro 36.9 million while the European Union (35.4) is going to provide a grant of Euro 35.4 million through Western Balkans Investment Framework (WBIF). On its part, the Albania government will cover the cost for expropriations and for the Value Added Tax (VAT).
Tirana – Durres (single) line is at present the busiest section of the Albanian railway network, providing connection of the capital of the country with Durres, the second larger Albanian city, as well with the port of Durres, the major maritime gate of the country to Europe and the rest of the world,” the prequalification notice says.
News Source: Scan TV

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