“Time for business” conference held by Infocom Albania in its 6th session

“Time for business” conference held by Infocom Albania in its  6th session

On May 12th Infocom Albania organized the 6th Telecom Forum with the main theme “Time for Business”, at which participated many CEOs, CMOs, COOs and representatives of Albanian and international telecommunication companies. The conference was divided in three sessions, where each session gave the opportunity to telecommunication companies to speak about innovation, connectivity and their products.

Present in the forum was also the Minister for Innovation Milena Harito which declared that the production in the ICT sector in Albania is at low levels as well as the low production in the private sector due to the outdated technology used by factories. Harito stressed that the technologic innovation must be considered as one of the main pillars of the new economic model in Albania.


For the Best Innovation Synergy, Infocom awarded Raiffeisen Bank and M-Pay Mobile Payment platform. The “Best Innovative Product” award was given to Vodafone Albania for their newly released M-Pesa mobile money transfer service. Tring Digital TV platform was awarded for the Best Media Innovator, and other awards were given to Nokia Albania, the Ministry of Innovation and Abcom platform.

A special award was given to the organizors of Startup Weekend Tirana, Aneida Bajraktari, Ergest Nako,  Klajdi Turlla and Marsida Vishkurti which were awarded for the Best Innovative Accelerator.



Infocom Albania is an annual Forum held in Tirana capital and serves as a platform for discussing the latest innovative initiatives in Albania, the challenges that companies face in this sector, ect.


Photo: Infocom Albania

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