This Sector Employed More People in Q2, 2019

This Sector Employed More People in Q2, 2019

TIRANA, August 26

The average monthly gross salary has continued to rise in the second trimester of 2019. According to the Bank of Albania, the annual growth of the indicator in nominal terms was 4.9%, after the increase of 3.4%, in the Q1. Meanwhile, the monthly average salary was increased by 3.3%, from 1.5% that was increased in the previous trimester. The growth of the average monthly salary continues to remain higher in the private sector compared to the state sector. In the private sector, the increase of the average monthly wage, was by 3.3%, whereas in the state sector the growth was only by 1.2%.

The developments in the work market, were positive in the Q1 of 2019, with an annual growth of employment by 1.4%. The main contributor was the high number of workers in the service sector. Data from the work market, show for an improvement in the economy and narrowing of the negative gap of production. This is confirmed by the gradual improvement of the rate of utilization of production capacity by the businesses. This indicator was in the level of 75.6% in the Q2 of 2019 and was increased by 3.1% in annual terms, affected mainly by the utilization on a bigger scale of service activities. From the observations, it results that the businesses are exploiting their capacities, with a norm of around 1.9% higher than the historic average.


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