Third Call for IPARD II Agriculture Grants to Open Next Week

Third Call for IPARD II Agriculture Grants to Open Next Week

TIRANA, December 1

Natural and legal citizens working and operating in Albania in specific sectors of agriculture and agro-processing industries will be able to apply for the third call for application under the IPARD II program starting December 10th. The forecast notice issued (see at the end for the Albanian Langauge) by the Agency for Rural Agricultural Development known as AZHBR, provides insights on the two measures that will be supported under the upcoming call.

Measure one includes investments in physical assets of agricultural holdings with a specific focus on the following sectors:
Measure 1: with a total budget of Euro 21. 5 Million, with a minimum total eligible investment of Euro 10,000 and maximum total eligible investment of Euro 500,000.

Moreover, Measure three ‘“Investments in Processing and Marketing of agriculture products and fishery’ includes only the following sector:
Fruit and vegetable processing

Measure 3: with a total budget of Euro 7.6 Million, with a minimum total eligible investment of Euro 25,000 and a maximum total eligible investment of Euro 2,000,000.

“Under this call, the indicative overall available budget consists of Euro 29.1 Million public contributions out which Euro 21.82 Million, as EU contribution representing 75 percent of the overall public contribution and Euro7.28 Million as National contribution representing 25percent of the overall public contribution,” the notice pointed out.
Further on it says that one applicant may be granted more than one project, but the total eligible cost of investments per recipient under this measure may not exceed Euro 1,500,000 for the whole programming period.

Application submission

This call will be opened from the 10th of December 2020 until the 25th of January 2021.
The deadline for submission of the application is 25th of January 2021, during working hours
The applications must be submitted in a sealed envelope and must bear the title of the Call for
Proposals, together with the title of the measure, the full name, and address of the applicant, and the words “Not to be opened before delivery”.
Applications must be submitted either:
• by recorded delivery by post;
• hand-delivered (including courier services) directly to the Contracting Authority in return for a signed and dated receipt to:
<Agriculture and Rural Development Agency
Street Muhamet Gjollesha No.56
1001 Tirana, Albania>
Applications sent by any other means (e.g. by fax or by e-mail) or delivered to other addresses will be rejected.
Any application submitted or received after the date 25 January 2021 will be rejected.

More information and guidelines about the application in the Albanian and English languages are available HERE.

Source: AZHBR

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