The Tirana Municipality tram project

The Tirana Municipality tram project

The Tirana Municipality presented the tram project yesterday. The vice Mayor of Tirana, Enno Bozdo, explains that there will be 14 stations every 300 meters, according to the population density, and the tram will have its own lane, while traffic lights will have a special time for the tram.

“The tram will respect the traffic lights in crossroads. There will be a special light for the tram, so that when it moves, no one will be able to pass. From Kombinat to the Kavaja street it will go in the middle of the road by preserving the traffic lines’, Bozdo declared.

In the center, the tram will go through the Skenderbej Square, will continue through the Diber road and after the construction of the tram there will be only one lane for vehicles.

But the project requires investments, and the Municipality has asked the government to guarantee the investors’ risk.

“If the government will provide a sovereign guarantee, we need to know if it will be for the entire project or partially. With this information we will rethink the concession structure. This makes the international financial institution minimize the risk of the loan and the private sector will be credited with a low interest rate, which means that more companies will be part of the race and we will take the best offer”, Bozdo declared.

If the Albanian government will be the guarantee, the Municipality of Tirana will start the concession procedures and the construction might start in the next spring.

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