The report of WB: Albania’s GDP has increased

The report of WB: Albania’s GDP has increased

World Bank has published the “Global Economic Perspective” report in which is stated that the Albania’s Gross Domestic  Production has increased with a percentage of 2.1 only for this year, while it predicts that this percentage will be higher in the upcoming two years.

According to this report, Albania will have a increase of GDP at about 3.3% in 2015 and 3.6% in 2016.

While speaking in terms of regional development, the report predicts that Southeast Europe’s countries such as Albania, Bosnia Hercegovina, Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro may meet with decrease of their GDP based on risks such as high unemployement, high public debt, slow recovery of bank loans or even natural flood risks (as in Serbia and Bosnia).

Also, the report in predicted that if these risks on economy specter don’t find  solution, they may seriously threaten the financial sector and the economic stability.

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