The number of Albanian companies headed by women has increased – ILO

The number of Albanian companies headed by women has increased – ILO

Albania is ranked the 77th among 108 countries in the list of countries with the highest number of females in leading positions in companies, compiled by the International Labour Organization. In Albania, about 22.55 of the women which are part of the working force hold managerial positions in different medium sized and big companies.

According to the survey issued by ILO, the decrease of female leaders in a company comes in proportion with the expansion of the company, since only 5% of big corporations have female CEOs.

Other statistics published by the Institute of Statistics show that only 14.4% of the companies with more than 50 employees are managed by female CEOs, meanwhile only 29% of the companies with 1-4 employees are managed by females.

Most of the companies that are headed by women operate in the capital of Tirana, about 30.4% of enterprises in Tirana are managed by female CEOs and the lowest percentage of companies headed by women is registered in Kukes County, only 15.1% of them. Figures published by the Institute of Statistics show also that during 2013, about 29.3% of new companies were established by women.

The government has announced lately the Action Plan for the Entrepreneurship by Women in Albania 2014-2020 which predicts the compilation of a draft law for the creation of the Fund in Support to Women Entrepreneurs. The Fund will provide financial support to companies funded or managed by women for a period of four years, at a total amount of 30 million ALL.

The report of the International Labour Organization shows that the number of women which hold medium positions in companies has increased significantly in the last 20 years. “The research shows that the increase of women participation in the labor market has been one of the main motors of the global competitiveness increase,” declared Deborah France Massin.

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