The Normal School of Elbasan Celebrates 111th Anniversary

The Normal School of Elbasan Celebrates 111th Anniversary

TIRANA, December 1

111 years ago 140 students from all the Albanian lands began classes at the Normal School of Elbasan with Luigj Gurakuqi as the first director. It was the first national high school in the Albanian language and a cradle of education for teachers of the Albanian language from every Albanian-speaking land. The decision for the opening of the school was taken during the Congres of Elbasan 2-9 September 1909. Because Albania wasn’t still independent, the opening of the Normal school was an important event. Students from all the Albanian lands including Kosovo, Chameria, Macedonia, and Montenegro enrolled in the school. The Normal was more than just a High School. It was an educational institution that represented the dignity of the nation that shone the light of knowledge as an act of education and patriotism.
The school opened and closed its doors many times over the years.
Unfortunately, the original building was burned in 1934 and many valuable documents went lost. However, it was possible to collect about 5,000 documents, photos, and publications representing generations of students and teachers. All those objects make the fund of the Museum of the School.


Photo credit: The Albanian Society of Ireland

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