The most visited lakes in northern Albania

The most visited lakes in northern Albania

Tirane, Albania / February 16, 2016

These are the most visited lakes in northern Albania

Shiroka lake

Shiroka lake is located not far from the city is the Shkodra Lake. It is the biggest in the Balkan Peninsula and divides the city from Montenegro. Among the lake, lies the beach of Shiroka and Zogaj which are regularly frequented by daily holidaymakers from Shkodra and not only. The numerous restaurants offer the lake menu where dominates the fish. In this zone you will find the most attractive tourist resort, called Marku, which offers you accommodation and a lot of tourist services. But Shiroka can be visited even with bicycles, according to the old tradition of the habitats of the zone.

Koman Lake

If you want to have an unforgettable voyage through the valleys, canyons and the special landscapes cruise in the Lake Koman, that is 30 km from the city. The lake was formed when the Komani hydro power station (600000 kw/hour was built on the Drini river gathering its water in a lake. Its surface area is 12 km (34.5 km long and 50-60 wide). The lake is surrounded by forested mountains that rise 1000-1200 m above sea level. This region is well-known for its attractions and the great historical importance. A grave of the yard of the 6-8 century AD, found in the Komani village that is quite close to the lake, throws light upon the ancient Albanian society. Albanian and foreign visitors are offered travel facilities. The ferry-boat carries passengers and goods too.

Vau i Dejes Lake

This lake is in the vicinity of Shkodra. Its surface area is 24.7 km and its maximal depth is 52 m. The lake was formed when the Vau i Dejës hydro power station (250 kw/hour) was built on the Drini river gathering its water in a lake. Its beauty is bewitching. Everyone feels happy passing through the gorges of the mountains surrounding the lake the forested shores. The carstic phenomena are very attractive. The lake serves for transport, fishing and tourism. in the middle of the lake, is situated the island of Sarda or Shurdhahu, which still keeps the ruins of the  medieval period. You can see  the traces of a church in medieval architecture style. the islan is ideal for the daily tourism. Lastly the number of the visitors is growing up, and this area has started to offer gastronomic structures. Bar Restaurant Perla is one of those and offers excellent Italian cuisine, also the pizza in wood oven.

Viluni Lagoon

It is one of the biggest lagoons in Albania, next to the beach of Velipoja, rich of plants and animals, which make its ecosystem protected from Albanian authorities. Near of delta of Buna River, lies the island of Franc Joseph, which except the beauties of the nature, is suitable for the ecotourism.

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