The creation of new startup communities in Albania

The creation of new startup communities in Albania

Tirane, Albania / February 18, 2016

A new community dedicated to the IT field and new startups is about to establish in Tirana capital. We are talking about Garazh, a community of IT students and young entrepreneurs which will gather each month together to discuss, brainstorm and work in teams for different projects in the IT field.

According to their official statement, “Garazh is a young and innovative organization founded to meet the needs of the Albanian community of young innovative entrepreneurs and all innovation and startup enthusiasts. Garazh actually is focused on raising awareness and empowering ideas, supporting the community and the businesses created from the community.”

Garazh is founded by one of the organizers of Startup Weekend Tirana Ergest Nako, Vasken Spiru (a social media expert), and Tomi Kallanxhi, a young entrepreneur and founder of online real estate company. The newest community in the town has started organizing meetings each Wednesday with young entrepreneurs and IT enthusiasts.

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