Business: Politic Crisis is Damaging Tourism and Textile Industry

Business: Politic Crisis is Damaging Tourism and Textile Industry

TIRANA, May 20

The business community made an appeal to the politic class in Albania to normalize the politic and economic situation in Albania. Representatives of the Chamber of Commerce and business associations ‘say unanimously’ to the politic leaders to find a solution before wasting time.
“We are here to call unanimously both sides of the politics to solve this crisis. We want to become like a business: we don’t speak until we lose, we speak how much we will earn”- said Luan Bregasi. The prolongation of the crisis according to the business associations ‘raised the bill’ for the citizens and economy.
Nikolin Jaka said: “Not only it has fallen dramatically the trade circulation, but is it raised the informality as well”. For the time being, the biggest impact of the crisis is upon tourism. The chief of the Association of the touristic agencies, Enver Mehmeti said that if the solution doesn’t come until June the consequences will be long-term.
Meanwhile, the first oscillations are seen in the textile industry that is connected to the exports, where the contracts are being questioned.

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