Ten Roads that Will Be Completed by 2021

Ten Roads that Will Be Completed by 2021

TIRANA, October 24

Infrastructure investments seem to be a main priority in the 2019 State Budget. Besides the long-awaited projects in the air and rail transport such as Vlora Airport and Tirana-Durres-Rinas railway, new and existing roads will be constructed and reconstructed across the country.
Minister of Finance and Economy Arben Ahmetaj during a meeting on the state budget 2019 and new fiscal schemes listed the ten road projects that will be completed during 2019-2021.

  1. Fushe-Kruja-Milot-Morina
  2. QafeThana-Lin-Pogradec
  3. Tirana Big Ring road
  4. Tirana Ring Road Overpass-Sauk-Bregu i Lumit
  5. Rehabilitation of Overpass-Pallati me Shigjeta-Shqiponja section
  6. Rehabilitation of the east ring road
  7. Elbasan-Banja
  8. Kardhiq-Delvina
  9. Shkodra Bypass
  10. Tepelena Bypass
    All the road sections will help to improve people’s lives, boost the economy, and contribute to further development.

News Source: Tema

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