Switzerland, the Largest Investor in Albania in 2018

Switzerland, the Largest Investor in Albania in 2018

TIRANA, March 28

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to Albania in 2018 totaled Euro1.02 billion, the best performance for the recent years, and soaring 13 percent year-on-year.
The data show Switzerland taking the lead with Euro 364 million of the total investment. The other part of FDI to Albania came through or from Netherlands, Turkey, and France.
In the meantime, the FDI inflow that comes through or from traditional investors such as Italy or Greece is declining.
Investors in 2018 have invested in different sectors, in which power and hydrocarbons continued to attract attention with respectively 59 percent and 21 percent of total FDI. Other heavily invested sectors are real estate and construction. Foreign companies are taking advantage of the exemptions in the luxury hotel industry.

Source: RTSH

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